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Latest Blog Posts

  • Pepitas vs Sunflower Seeds: What is the Difference?
    Have you heard the buzz about the health benefits of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) vs sunflower seeds? Are you wondering which seed is best? In this nutritional showdown, we’ll compare their nutrient value and health benefits to help you make an informed choice. We’ll cover everything from appearance to taste to their nutrient content. We’ll also…
  • Green Tea vs Herbal Tea: Which is Best for You?
    Are you a tea lover like me? Well, get ready to indulge in the delightful world of tea! When it comes to choosing a tea, we often find ourselves faced with an intriguing decision: green tea vs herbal tea. Both types of tea offer a unique blend of flavors, captivating aromas, and potential wellness benefits….
  • The Essential White Food List: What You Should Know
    Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of white foods? Rich in fiber and nutrients, the power of white foods will astound you! I’m a dietitian and this is the comprehensive white food list I use to elevate my health.  I’ll also share the potential downsides of consuming unhealthy white foods along with some…
  • Asparagus vs Broccoli: The Ultimate Health Comparison
    Looking to boost your green game but you’re torn between asparagus vs broccoli? Get ready for the ultimate showdown! In this post, we’ll settle the score by examining their taste, texture, nutrition, and more. From versatility in the kitchen to eco-friendliness, we’ll leave no stone unturned.  So, let’s dig in and discover which veggie reigns…
  • Best Foods to Boost Your Mitochondria
    Did you know that your cells have incredible powerhouses called mitochondria? They are like little energy factories that fuel cell function. And here’s something fascinating: there are certain foods to boost your mitochondria and enhance your overall energy levels. It’s true! On the flip side, when your mitochondria aren’t functioning properly, it leads to aging…
  • 5 Lbs of Fat vs Muscle: The Truth About Getting Lean
    Are you tired of not fitting into your clothes despite months of dieting and exercising? Did you know that fat takes up more space than muscle? Tune in to learn more about 5 lbs of fat vs muscle!   You’ll learn why losing fat while gaining muscle is key to losing inches and achieving a lean, mean…
  • Pinto vs Black Beans: Which is Better?
    As a dietitian, I often recommend beans because they are versatile, affordable, and nutritious. Among the most popular and widely used varieties are pinto beans and black beans. But which one wins in a pinto vs black bean face-off?  Let’s compare these two legumes (and clarify the difference between beans and legumes). We’ll examine their…
  • Worst (and Best) Foods for Your Lymphatic System
    Did you know that your lymphatic system plays a crucial role in your health and immunity? And that what you eat directly impacts its function? In this post we’ll explore the worst foods for a healthy lymphatic system and what to eat instead. As a Registered Dietitian who was diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer of the…